Undergraduate Student News

Arthur Delaney
 who graduated from Georgetown as an English major cum laude in December 2005, now works full-time as a journalist.  He is a contributing writer with a weekly column for The Hill, (one of two newspapers serving Congress), has been a freelancer at Washington CityPaper for nearly two years, and after a staff job at "Nightline" which he had to quit when he acquired the column (choosing print journalism over TV "news"), remains at ABC News as a part-time Production Assistant.  He also occasionally writes articles for the ABC website.  Arthur transferred to Georgetown in his junior year, having taken many of his English courses at Rutgers but was able while here to take two journalism courses, from Joel Achenbach and Jody Jaffe (whom he thought was very encouraging), and had courses with professors Rubin, McNamer, Glavin and others.  His mother Janice Delaney is a member of the Departmentís teaching staff.  

Melissa Mendoza
who graduated from the College as an English major in May of 2005 has begun work on a master's program in journalism at the University of Texas. 

Jonathan Nolan
wrote the screenplay for the new film The Prestige, directed by his brother Chris Nolan

Robert Patterson
The former English Major Robert Patterson (COL '02), has completed the Ph.D. at Emory University where he specialized in African American literary and cultural studies.  Robert, an English honors graduate and Minority Mentoring mentee, was the recipient of a highly competitive Ford Diversity Fellowship for graduate studies.  This fall he will join the English department of Florida State University as an assistant professor.   

Laura Saldivar
an English Honors graduate of the class of 2005 after a year working in one of the administrative offices of Teach for America in Manhattan moved during the summer of 2006 to South Texas to a small border town called Rio Grande City (pop. 10,000) where she is teaching freshman English and ESL at the town's one and only high school for the next two years.