Honors Students 2007

On the afternoon of 20 April 2007 participants in this year’s English Honors program reported on their work.  The students and their projects were as follows 

Kinga M. Janik: Umberto Eco and His Reader: The Intersection of Theory and Fiction in The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum

Courtney Smith: Space for Her: Cultural and Physical Boundaries of Female Selfhood in The Awakening and Mrs. Dalloway                                                                                           

Elizabeth Howard: Abrupt, Rude, and Other Endearing Qualities: A Short Story Collection                                                                                                        

Julia Houlihan: Rethinking Gender Hierarchies: The Interaction of Gender and Imperialism in Heart of Darkness, Things Fall Apart and Season of Migration to the North                         

Miguel Garcia: Mayhem: A Collection of Short Stories                                                  

Kaveer Greywal: Unclaimed Frontiers: An Appreciation of the Western American Genre                                                                                                          

Joe Della Rosa: Charles Dickens's Mrs. Joseph Porter  

Errol Pierre-Louis: Laugh & Cry 

Yumi Blackwell: Megumi: A Novel                                                 

Meghan Orie: Theater is a Battlefield: Nineteenth-Century Playwrights' Political Interventions through Theater   

Lael Goodman: Kilts and Outskirts: An Analysis of Marginilization and Imagination in Twentieth-Century Scottish Women's Fiction                                                              

Alison Zatta: The Thirteenth Year