Gallagher Family Fund Initiative

In the Fall Semester of 2006 the English Department, thanks to the hard work of Penn Szittya, Barbara Feinman Todd, David Gewanter,  Kathy Temple, and Maureen Corrigana, has received a $500,000 endowment supporting an initiative to develop a Cultural Journalism track within the Journalism program.   This initiative builds upon the presence in the English Department of  Maureen Corrigan, NPR's distinguished reviewer on Fresh Air, author of  the critically acclaimed Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading, as well as numerous book reviews and articles in The Washington Post, Newsday, and The Nation. Her reviews and essays have also appeared in The Village Voice, The New York Times, The New York Observer and The Philadelphia Inquirer. A co-editor and Contributor to the two volume Mystery and Suspense Writers, (Scribners) she won the coveted Edgar Award in 1999. During her seventeen years at Georgetown Maureen Corrigan has in addition been one of the Departmentís most accomplished teachers.   Thanks to this endowment from the Gallagher Family Fund, Maureen Corrigan will become Georgetown's Critic-in-Residence, and with the help of Barbara Feinman Todd, our Coordinator of Journalism, will lead the development of  new courses in cultural journalism, including a course on "Public Intellectuals,"  together with affiliated lectures and in-class appearances by prominent intellectuals and cultural journalists from Washington and other areas.  This initiative will also serve to complement some of the other initiatives that have come out of the Department in recent years, such as the Humanities Initiative and the Lannan Programs. 

            Maureen Corrigan, in her new role as the leader of the Cultural Journalism track, has already announced an initial conference sponsored by the program celebrating the 40th anniversary of Norman Mailer's Armies of the Night: History as a Novel, the Novel as History as well as  the march on the Pentagon of Vietnam-era 1967 --  with the guest of honor and keynote speaker Norman Mailer himself.   This conference will occur on campus next October 19.