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Religion and Public Policy

Religion and Public Policy explores how faith and public policy influence and shape one another on both individual and institutional levels, and aims to bring Jesuit and Catholic theological perspectives to broader audience and in so doing advocate more just public policies. The program's current initiative is titled "Helping the Media Cover Catholicism.”. It draws on the Jesuit tradition of perceptive analysis, Washington DC’s nexus of media organizations, the resources of Georgetown University, and the personal expertise of Tom Reese, S.J., to provide an intelligent and articulate voice on religious and political issues in the media.

rpp1Thomas Reese, S.J., Director of the Religion & Public Policy Program

The program's focus is not on the development of new theological concepts or scholarly formulations, but rather on the communications aspect of theology, with Father Reese acting as a bridge between academic scholarship and the media on Catholic issues. He is often sought out by journalists who recognize him as a trusted expert on the Catholic Church and Catholic teaching, and who value him greatly for his willingness to respond in a timely manner to reporters working on deadline. Through Father Reese's personal, one-on-one work with reporters, the program provides ongoing education and substantive analysis to journalists who need to report on the doctrine and workings of the Catholic Church, but who are not themselves experts in such matters. It is especially important for journalists in the secular world to have a well-founded understanding of the Church and its teachings, because many Catholics today get most of their news about the Church from secular rather than religious news sources.