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Woodstock International Visiting Fellowship Program

Each year, this program brings to Woodstock several lay or Jesuit scholars from around the world and gives them an opportunity to carry out a research project of their own design. Candidates are selected on the basis of their academic accomplishments, the value that they bring to Woodstock, the compatibility of their research project with Woodstock’s mission, and the extent to which a fellowship at Woodstock would benefit them in their scholarly lives and support the life of the Church and academia in their home country.

International Visiting Fellows enjoy access to the Georgetown University Library, the Woodstock Theological Center Library, the intellectual companionship and support of the Woodstock research fellows, and access to a broad array of Jesuits, scholars, and other persons at Georgetown University and throughout the Washington area. For their part, International Visiting Fellows are required to participate fully and actively in all aspects of the Visiting Fellowship program, and to give a presentation on their research at the conclusion of their stay. Fellowships are offered for as long as nine months and must take place during the academic year (September-May).

Former Woodstock International Visiting Fellows Sister Margaret Scott and Vincent Sekhar, S.J.

The program broadens the intellectual horizons and collaborative opportunities of Woodstock's permanent research fellows by connecting them with theologians and other scholars from around the world. The program also exposes Jesuits and other scholars from around the world to Woodstock’s theological method, and it provides them with a valuable opportunity to conduct research in the United States.

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