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Jill Marie Gerschutz

kemp1Jill Marie Gerschutz

Jill Marie Gerschutz, co-editor and contributor to And You Welcomed Me: Migration and Catholic Social Teaching, is Senior Legislative Specialist for Catholic Relief Services. For five years prior she served as migration policy director and outreach coordinator for the U.S. Jesuit Conference in Washington, DC. She has developed networks with secular, other religious, and governmental actors as the nation explores its "right relationship" with immigrants. As a representative to Justice for Immigrants: the Catholic campaign for immigration reform, Gerschutz has developed extensive expertise in migration, Catholic social thought, and pastoral responses to migration matters by the Church. Gerschutz has presented widely on the moral, ethical, and pragmatic arguments for immigration reform, including at the National Migration Conference; The Rev. Richard A. McGarrity, S.J., Faith and Culture Lecture at Marquette University; and presentations for the Catholic community of St. Louis, the Sisters of Victory Knoll; the Centre Justice et Foi in Quebec; the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice; and at many Catholic Universities. Her articles on the subject have been published in the Blueprint for Social Justice journal, Epikea, Vivre ensemble and other magazines and journals.


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