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Welcome from Woodstock's Director...

"Some went down to the sea in ships
Doing business on the great waters;
They saw the deeds of the Lord
His wondrous works in the deep"

- Psalm 107.23

Dear Friends,

Gap Lo BiondoFather Gasper Lo Biondo, S.J., Director of the Woodstock Theological Center

For the ancient Israelites, the sea used to be an unknown and forbidding place where God could not be found. Nobody did business on the great waters. But the author of Psalm 107 had the insight of Faith based on experience that the Lord was indeed working deep within the unknown, uncharted areas of their human world. "They saw the deeds of the Lord, His wondrous works in the deep." They discovered that what had been for them a secular world of monsters at the frontier of their known world was in fact a place inhabited by God. "Doing business on the great waters," they could venture in Faith to make authentic human decisions for the common good.

Today we at the Woodstock Theological Center vigorously continue our thirty-five year old Jesuit tradition. We engage "The Faiths That Do Justice" as we search out the foundations and framework for ethical social engagement. We make our way in waters churned up daily by tumultuous waves of tricky new questions. But with the trusted gyroscope of the Catholic social and intellectual tradition and the inner compass of the spirit of global human good we are well equipped to navigate intelligently and faithfully.

So like the author of Psalm 107, we believe that we too can find God laboring at today's frontiers. Together with you we live in hope that in community we can help provide needed understanding for decisions and actions that make a difference for our own good and the good of all others, especially those less fortunate. Even as we navigate turbulent financial waters, together we continue to "chart new waters" for years to come.

Yours gratefully,

Gasper Lo Biondo