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Association of Main-Campus Retired Faculty
Message from the President of AMCRF


September 10, 2012


Dear Members of AMCRF,


          I want to WELCOME you to a new academic year of exciting events for our Association of Main Campus Retired Faculty.   I hope you will take advantage of our offerings and become increasingly engaged with the good fellowship we support in our social and intellectual events.   Whenever financially possible, we try to reduce costs to you by subsidizing what we can in the way of fees for tickets or food.  Your membership fee in this organization remains a mere $10.00 per year.


We have two exciting programs planned for the fall semester—an October 3 excursion focusing on the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, and a November 12 lunch and lecture at the GU Faculty Club.  Spring semester events will be announced later.


         In our Georgetown University Learning Community  program (for persons “55 or better”), we have six excellent classes scheduled for this fall during the months of October and November, being taught by Dr. Dorothy Brown, Dr. Robert A. Comunale, Dr. John Ruedy, Rev. Solomon Sara, Dr. Philip Sze, and Prof. Deborah Warin.  In the spring we will feature seven stimulating classes from January through April, taught by Dr. Karl Cerny, Dr. John Haught, Dr. Paul Lilly, Dr. Karin Ryding, Rev. Solomon Sara, Rabbi Harold White, and Dr. Francis Winters.    I encourage you either to take some of these classes or to volunteer to teach next year on the topic of your choice in this rewarding program.  Please consult The GU LC webpage for all pertinent information about such courses.


      Along with my fellow officers—John Brough, Ed Finn, Dick Bates, Mary Lee Giblon Sheahan, Martha Swanson, and Dave Swanson—and our past president, Paul Betz, I look forward to seeing you in the near future and celebrating our collegiality.



Sincerely yours,

Joan Holmer, Professor Emerita

Department of English

President, Association of Main Campus Retired Faculty 




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