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Association of Main-Campus Retired Faculty
New Members

Congratulations, and welcome to all our new members!

May, 2013

·       Professor Alan Angerio, School of Nursing and Public Health

·       Professor John Bailey, Department of Government

·       Professor Jean Max Guieu, Department of French

·       Professor Johny K Johansson, McDonough School of Business

·       Professor Pascal Kokora, Department of French

·       Senior Instructor Candace Pallandre, Department of English as a Foreign Language

·       Reverend Professor James V. Schall, S.J., Department of Government


May, 2012

·       Professor James E. Alatis, Department of Linguistics

·       Professor George Chapman, Department of Biology

·       Professor Philip Sze, Department of Biology

·       Professor Edward J. Ingebretzen, Department of English

·       Professor Jason Rosenblatt, Department of English

May, 2010 and May, 2011

·       Professor Richard D. Bates, Department of Chemistry

·       Professor George G. Brenkert, McDonough School of Business

·       Professor John B. Brough, Department of Philosophy

·       Professor Roger Chickering, Walsh School of Foreign Service

·       Professor Emma K. Curtis, McDonough School of Business

·       Professor Douglas A. Eagles, Department of Biology

·       Professor Virginia Flavin, McDonough School of Business

·       Professor Michael Ragussis, Department of English

·       Professor Leroy R. Walters, Department of Philosophy

April, 2009

·       Professor Stefan Fink, Department of German

·       Professor Joan Holmer, Department of English

·       Professor Peter Krough, School of Foreign Service

·       Professor Lucy Maddox, Department of English

·       Professor Karen Ryding, Department of Arabic

·       Professor Penn Szittya, Department of English

April, 2008

·       Professor Paul Betz, Department of English

·       Professor Kurt Jankowsky, Department of German

·       Professor Ronald Johnson, Department of History

·       Professor Naomi Moniz, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

·       Rev. Professor Francis X. Winters, Department of Theology

April, 2007

·       Professor Valentina Brougher, Department of Slavic Languages

·       Professor Joseph Serene, Department of Physics

·       Professor Diane Taylor, Department of Biology

·       Professor Margery Tegey, Department of English as a Foreign Language

·       Professor Camilla Tortorelli, Department of Italian

·       Professor Stephanie Wright, School of Nursing and Health Studies.

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